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I’m Yvonne, a twenty-four year old freelance journalist living in Wicklow Ireland. I have been completely in love with reading since I was a little girl, the ability to lose myself in a good book has always been my favorite pastime and my bedroom floor is littered with books as my shelves became overfull a long time ago. I realize that makes me sound like what some people would call a “bookaholic” but I reject that term because that would imply that my obsession is a problem….which it isn’t!

I’ve wanted to start a book review blog for a while now but I always struggled with where to start, then it hit me why not blog my way through one of those 100 books to read before you die lists. After searching online I found one that I really like the look of, Amazon.com Editors have come up with their list and then partnered up with Goodreads to let their members vote for their favorites and so the Goodreads 100 books to read in a lifetime: readers picks list was born.

I chose to tackle the Goodreads version instead of the Amazon editors one simply because it appealed to me more, even though there is a considerable amount of crossover between the two. So if you want to accompany me as I read my way through this list please do and feel free to comment on my posts or  you can follow me on twitter here and pinterest here.

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