Life update; I am on my way back to blogging!

Hi guys!

Wow I have been gone for quite a while, didn’t think it was that long until I logged back in! First of all sorry about just disappearing and not explaining what was going on, second of all I am coming back I promise just bear with me.

So at the start of August I decided to quit my job in the local shop, I had been working there since I was 16 and whilst it was a great place with lovely people my heart lay elsewhere. The choice was not an easy one, I agonised over the possibility of leaving paid employment without any sign of another job but within a week of making my final decision I had been offered a job as Freelance Media Officer with Ignition Film Productions! The lovely people at Ignition were promoting a movie called Patrick’s Day and needed someone to look after their social media and website, it seemed like fate had intervened and I was on my way down this new path.

If you want to check out what Patrick’s Day is all about you can visit the Facebook, Twitter or Website or check out the trailer below! Shameless plug I know but if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be doing my job very well now would I?

As the work for Patrick’s Day is only Freelance I was still on the hunt for a more permanent role and in doing so I decided that I should enhance my skills with a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing to make myself more appealing to employers. So I started my course via distance learning so that I could still apply for every job that I liked the look of and trust me I applied to a lot of places!

One morning very shortly after I got the call to say I had an interview for a Sales and Marketing position, I interviewed on the Wednesday afternoon, they offered me the job on the Thursday and I started work on the Friday! So now I work as Freelance Media Officer for Ignition Film Productions, Sales and Marketing for Fundraising Ireland  and I am studying for my Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing all at once. Funny how life works out sometimes, all I needed was the confidence to leave where I was and a whole new world of opportunities has opened up to me.

Apologies for the length of this post but I felt I owed it to my followers to explain and to let you know I will be back, because in spite of having an overloaded plate at the moment I still love to read and write about those experiences. I will try work out a new schedule for Between the Lines over the next week and hopefully start posting over the Christmas holidays when I have some time off.

Thank you for still following and I hope to post for you all again very soon! 🙂