Movie Magic – Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre movie


Cary Fukunaga


Moira Buffini


Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre,

Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester

Jamie Bell as St. John Rivers


Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre has seen it’s fair share of film and t.v adaptations, some managed to capture the essence of Jane whilst others failed miserably in the attempt. When I first heard that it was to be remade for release in 2011 I was quietly optimistic that this version would succeed in bringing to life the world Bronte had so artfully created. I was not disappointed, the screenplay by Moira Buffini is so close to the original novel that under the direction of Cary Fukunaga this is undoubtedly the best adaptation of Bronte’s classic.


Mia Wasikowska inhabits Jane’s essence so perfectly that she breaths new life into such a beloved character, her ability to portray the dignified stillness of Jane whilst allowing for flashes of emotion makes the story seem all the more personal. The decision to cast an actress closer in age to Jane than in any of the other adaptations worked incredibly well as Wasikowska masterly balanced the self-respect and restraint with the passion within the character.


Every Jane needs a Mr. Rochester and Michael Fassbender exudes just the right blend of brooding, charisma and charm to give a performance that compliments the character in a way that has never been achieved before. Fassbender has a quality about him that demands screen presence and does a remarkable job at making the audience care for him even at his most unlovable. Both Wasikowska and Fassbender deliver such strong performances that they have truly cemented their status as the perfect embodiment of Jane and Rochester in my eyes.

Overall this movie is a resounding success as an homage to the classic novel and will certainly stand the test of time as it is so artfully crafted and beautifully told.