Life update; I am on my way back to blogging!

Hi guys!

Wow I have been gone for quite a while, didn’t think it was that long until I logged back in! First of all sorry about just disappearing and not explaining what was going on, second of all I am coming back I promise just bear with me.

So at the start of August I decided to quit my job in the local shop, I had been working there since I was 16 and whilst it was a great place with lovely people my heart lay elsewhere. The choice was not an easy one, I agonised over the possibility of leaving paid employment without any sign of another job but within a week of making my final decision I had been offered a job as Freelance Media Officer with Ignition Film Productions! The lovely people at Ignition were promoting a movie called Patrick’s Day and needed someone to look after their social media and website, it seemed like fate had intervened and I was on my way down this new path.

If you want to check out what Patrick’s Day is all about you can visit the Facebook, Twitter or Website or check out the trailer below! Shameless plug I know but if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be doing my job very well now would I?

As the work for Patrick’s Day is only Freelance I was still on the hunt for a more permanent role and in doing so I decided that I should enhance my skills with a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing to make myself more appealing to employers. So I started my course via distance learning so that I could still apply for every job that I liked the look of and trust me I applied to a lot of places!

One morning very shortly after I got the call to say I had an interview for a Sales and Marketing position, I interviewed on the Wednesday afternoon, they offered me the job on the Thursday and I started work on the Friday! So now I work as Freelance Media Officer for Ignition Film Productions, Sales and Marketing for Fundraising Ireland  and I am studying for my Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing all at once. Funny how life works out sometimes, all I needed was the confidence to leave where I was and a whole new world of opportunities has opened up to me.

Apologies for the length of this post but I felt I owed it to my followers to explain and to let you know I will be back, because in spite of having an overloaded plate at the moment I still love to read and write about those experiences. I will try work out a new schedule for Between the Lines over the next week and hopefully start posting over the Christmas holidays when I have some time off.

Thank you for still following and I hope to post for you all again very soon! 🙂


Friday Finds: Book haul from Chapters!


Every book lover has their favourite bookshop, that one store that you get excited even thinking about going to and for me that bookshop is Chapters Bookshop in Dublin. I have been shopping here for as long as I can remember and the experience is always the same, you are greeted by a sea of beautiful books in a relaxed atmosphere that makes browsing for your next great love extremely enjoyable. The staff are always really helpful and genuinely seem interested in talking to you and helping you find what you are looking for without being pushy or overpowering like some sales people can be.

My favourite part of Chapters however is when you walk upstairs to a vast array of second hand books all in excellent condition. I am one of those people who likes to own the books they read so second hand is often the way to go or else my book habit would render me completely bankrupt. Chapters only takes in good condition second hand books so you know you are getting quality reads at low prices, which is exactly what I did today!

Below are some pictures of my haul which includes nine books of my list and one that I have heard great things about about so I just couldn’t pass by. If you want to check out Chapters bookshop you can on their Facebook and Twitter.

























































And my non list buy:



Friday Finds – Bookcase DIY

Last week in Friday Finds I posted about some dream bookcases that any bibliophile would love to have in their home so this week I decided that I should post some more affordable or realistic options. Below you will find some examples of how to spruce up your old bookcases and some more adventurous DIY projects for the crafty readers. Enjoy!



Add a pop of colour to an old dresser for a unique bookcase


Adding a pop of colour to an old dresser can create a fun unique bookcase. This is a relatively easy DIY project that will update your old furniture just choose a colour to match your existing colour scheme and get painting.



Another easy DIY project to add a little bit of character to an old bookcase.


This project is another easy way to update your bookcase, just use fabric or wallpaper in a design that catches your fancy to cover the back of the case and you have a one of a kind bookcase for your literary loves.



If you prefer a more rustic feel for your bookcase this idea is a must, all you need are some wooden crates to stack and you have rough and ready storage. For a more polished look you can paint the crates, as seen in the second picture, to fit in with your room.


For the more adventurous book lover this is a great way to combine your crafty talents and love of books. For this one you are going to need to get your hands on a wooden spool but it’s worth it for this crafty little addition.

Movie Magic – Charlotte’s Web


Gary Winick


Susannah Grant

Karey Kirkpatrick


Julia Roberts as Charlotte the Spider

Steve Buscemi as Templeton the Rat

Dominic Scott Kay as Wilbur

Dakota Fanning as Fern



Charlotte’s Web is a very successful novel written by E.B White aimed at children but beloved by adults alike so it is no surprise that the film adaptation was also a complete success. The screenplay is as charming and inspiring as the original novel and is largely kept true to the story, there is no sense that this has been modernised to capture the interest of the masses. It simply lets the integrity of the message and some quality storytelling take centre stage.



This adaptation blends the live action with cgi elements seamlessly to create a genuinely enjoyable movie for both children and adults. The characters are very well cast, Julia Robert’s Charlotte is a forever calming influence to the excitable Dominic Scott Kay’s Wilbur and Dakota Fanning gives an admirable performance as the caring Fern. The loving message of friendship, trust, loyalty and adventure that is so clear in the novel translates so well on screen that this is quite simply a lovely feel good movie that everybody can enjoy with the odd tear jerking moment thrown in for good measure.

Movie Magic – Of Mice and Men




Gary Sinise


Horton Foote


John Malkovich as Lennie Small

Gary Sinise as George Milton

Casey Siemaszko as Curley

Sherilyn Fenn as Curley’s wife



Some film adaptations of classic novels run into problems when they try to divert too far from the original story, in their desire to set themselves apart they can lose the very essence that endears them to the masses. Gary Sinise’s version of Of Mice and Men however steers clear of that pitfall, the plot sticks faithfully to Steinbeck’s original and the result is a triumphant homage to the novel.

John Malkovich gives an incredible performance as Lennie, the gentle giant with a penchant for soft things and getting himself and loyal friend George into trouble. It is a true testament to Malkovich’s talent as an actor that he can play Lennie’s simplicity with such a depth that it tugs at the audiences heart strings.


If Malkovich is exquisite as Lennie then Gary Sinise is equally so in his portrayal of George, the eternally loyal best friend doing his best to keep Lennie safe. Sinise plays the character with a strength and dignity that allows the inner turmoil George faces shine through whilst still encouraging love and forgiveness from the audience. It should also be noted that in his role as director Sinise helped to craft the noble adaptation.



One of the main themes throughout Of Mice and Men is the strong bond of friendship between men, this is brought to life in every aspect of the screenplay. The subtleties that Gary Sinise brings to his character when he is dealing with Lennie, and the clear turmoil when he has to make that final heart breaking decision, brings to life that sense of love between the two men. This adaptation is impeccably presented and the brilliant performances from Sinise and Malkovich make it well worth a watch whether you have read the novel or not.

Friday Finds: Beautiful Bookcases

The most common problem for literature lovers is not having enough space for all their books, we become experts in how to creatively stack novels in a bid to gain just a little more space to fit our new purchases because after all there is always room for just one more book! I have a bit of an obsession with the idea of one day having my own home library and can spend many happy, albeit extremely nerdy, hours trawling through pictures to find perfect examples of how I want my imaginary future home to look. So below are some of my finds for this week, they are what I think are practical book cases whilst still managing to showcase a bibliophile’s obsession. Enjoy!

Love the X motif on the glass doors

Love the X motif on the glass doors

I love the look of this for a large open space or living room but I think it’s the type of case that would look best with lots of light. The x motif on the glass doors gives an unusual unique twist on a traditional bookcase to make this more of a feature in the room.

Reading nooks for the win!

Reading nooks for the win!

Love reading nooks

Love reading nooks

I could write an entire post on reading nooks I just love the idea so much! The first image I chose because of the bookcase around the area I think it’s absolutely perfect but overall the look is a little cold and I think the purpose of a reading nook is to be warm and inviting so that you cant wait to just curl up there with your latest book. So that is why I chose the second image for this example it’s much more inviting, a combination of the case from the first image and the colours or comfort of the second and you have a perfect place to escape to!

Perfect under window storage

Perfect under window storage

I think this idea works really well for those who don’t want to go all out with larger book cases, personally I would use this under window type of bookcase in a child’s room or play room as I think it’s so important to encourage reading from a young age. In relation to a child’s room the under window case allows for a lot of light around the area and I would paint the case or even just the back wall of the shelves bright colours to make it more child friendly.

How adorable are these!

How adorable are these!

How absolutely adorable are these tea cups!? Carrying on from my children themed bookcases I just couldn’t bypass this when I stumbled across it, I think they are a fun alternative to a traditional bookcase that would suit any child’s room. They could be stacked in a corner of their bedroom so they aren’t a massive drain on space and serve as encouragement for any little book lover.


Love the outline

Love the outline

You need ridiculously high ceilings for this one to work but I love the how the outline contrasts so well against the wall. It is this contrast that really helps make the bookcase the main feature of the room because your eyes are automatically draw to it.

Book wall!!

Book wall!!

Be still my bibliophile heart!! This is a complete dream because I cant imagine anyone letting me turn an entire wall of our house into a book wall but I can always hope. I chose this particular book wall because instead of just being straight shelving it has some unusual quirks to keep the eyes interested such as the detailing on the glass doors which is just beautiful. The only thing I would change about this particular one is the colour of the wood, it is just a little dark for me I would prefer a more natural wood finish.

I want an Ireland one!

I want an Ireland one!

I am in two minds about this one but figured I would feature it anyway. What I love about this is how quirky and unusual it is, there is no doubt that this would be the main focal point of any room it is in but what I don’t like is how messy some sections can look. That is the only downfall of this piece but I think that says more about my obsessive need to have my books displayed properly than this bookcase! Of course I would have to scout an Irish version of this but it’s a great idea none the less.

Posts Update!

Hi everyone!

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a Movie Magic post for Of Mice and Men yet and that is because it has been years since I watched it and to properly review it I want to re-watch the film. I will hopefully get the chance to do that this weekend so I will post two Movie Magic next week one for Of Mice and Men and one for Charlotte’s Web.

Tomorrow I will be posting my Friday Finds of some book cases that I would love to have in my home! I am going to focus on the more elaborate ones tomorrow and then in my next Friday Finds I will do a post on some really clever D.I.Y bookcases for the crafty book lover so I’m really looking forward to that one!