Just some housekeeping..

untitled-1-e1316463430165To make things run a little smoother I have decided to set myself a schedule of sorts so everyone knows what to expect and when! Hopefully this time-line will work out but bear with me whilst I get to grips with a little trial and error.


Monday: Movie Magic – As so many of the books on the list have been turned into movies I will take a look at how successful they were, who portrayed much loved characters and how close to the book these adaptations made it.

Tuesday and Thursday: Book Review or Book Update – Some books I will fly through and will have the reviews up within a few days of reading but others I have a feeling will take more time to get to grips with. In these cases I will post an update on where I am in the book and my feelings on it at that time.

Friday: Friday Finds – Some of my favourite picks from around the web! All book related of course!

So that’s how things will work for the time being but of course you can always keep in touch with me via twitter or follow along with my obsessive pinning!


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